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Bonjour Readers,

I’m Moe, a Nigerian lady who grew up a suburban, now transitioning into the city life of Chicago IL.  I graduated from Northern Illinois University, (Huskies whats good!) where I earned a B.A studying Communications Media and minored in Journalism Public Relations in May 2014, even though I started off as a nursing student (long story).

Life after college is TOUGH!! However, after multiple applications, several cries and prayers later, I began my journey at a Marketing/Sales job downtown, which I hated for several reasons. *rolls eyes* I later worked some nursing jobs I was still qualified for, due to my healthcare background, then finally found my true passion in Public Relations.

I started off interning for a book publishing company where I’d have to set up Book Tours around the country and find sponsors, which was nice. Next, I interned at Swank Public Relations (offices in Chicago, affiliations in NYC & LA), Spring & Summer 2014. I continuously learned so much first hand from the CEO and my peers, way more than in college.

I am currently an Entertainment Junior Publicist in the Chicago-land area which is so fun because I get to attend exciting events sponsored by Hennessy, Mercedes Benz, Get Around Chicago, SXSW, roof top parties for brands, great concerts etc you get the gist. It’s not always all fun and games though, because I have to deliver social media and blog contents, write event recaps, find new connections for my clients and network in general.
Being a Junior Publicist requires strong work ethic and interpersonal skills such as: researching new ideas, blogging simultaneously, creating media relationships, social media managing, delegating media outlets at work events, having lunch to maintain relations, writing biographies and press releases, pitching and among other vast duties.

Overall, I love the flexibility of my schedule because I can travel with my sassy and classy friends whenever I want as long as it’s all communicated.

This blog is meant for you readers to truly know me, along with my Congolese beauty and co-blogger Rina, and the craziness I seldom go through as a human. I hope you enjoy it and continue to stay tuned because trust me, I have so much to tell you, can’t wait.

-With Love



Hello there! My name is Carina or Rina for short, and here are a few facts about me. I was born in The Congo (Democratic Republic of) and moved to the States at age 11. Like anyone fresh off the boat with no knowledge of the country or the language, the transition wasn’t easy but I had a great support system consisting of my parents and my six older siblings ( Yes, six!) which made everything much smoother.

Starting junior high and learning English was no easy feat, considering I only knew how to say “yes” and “no” and of course “No speak English”. That seemed to get the message along for the first year, didn’t deter me in 7th grade and by 8th, I had aced my ESL class and mastered the English language (somewhat).

Then came high school, where I decided that knowing French (Salut!) and learning English wasn’t enough, and signed up for Spanish ( si, hablo Español tambien, loca no?) and I was surprised at how easy it was to learn! As you can tell by this pattern of languages, I love words and I love to write (hence this blog!) and more importantly, I love being multi-cultural which stems my desire to travel and explore the world.

Anyways, fast forward a few years, and you’d find me in college (NIU, where Moe and I met) and I earned my Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Trust me, there were lots of sleepless nights and tears along the way)

I am currently working as a registered nurse in a skilled nursing facility, where I mostly take care of geriatrics/elderly and I absolutely adore it. Like most things in life, work can be hard, challenging and stressful but the reward of seeing a patient smile and thank you for simply being there makes it all worth it! When I’m not working, you’ll see me sleeping (I work nights so I have an excuse), reading, writing, or somewhere out with my girlfriends, eating, shopping or planning our next trips/vacations.

So there you have it, my life in a nutshell but that’s not all. Stay in tune with me and my Naija gal, Moe, and experience with us the endless possibilities and journey of adventures that will be sure to entertain and inspire you.

Hasta Luego!



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