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2016 Post-Presidential Election Rant

There’s no question that this election has been one of the most controversial and honestly mind-boggling election the world has ever seen. It’s been a few days after president-elect Donald Trump succeeded over Hillary Clinton and suddenly it feels like the nation has gone crazy,  especially with the way some individuals have chosen to reveal their true colors.

Racism has never left this nation. Many people have only been blind or in denial.  It has always been here and apparently it appears people aren’t afraid to show their hatred anymore. Immigrants, African-Americans, Latinos, LGBTs and Muslims are being harassed all over the country. Racial slurs, hurtful words are being yelled at and spray painted in educational institutions and it has come to the point that even kids are afraid to go to school due to fear of bullying from other students. 

Personally, I was at first sad and a little afraid after the results of the election, but now I’m down right angry at the behaviors I keep hearing and seeing around social media. I can’t believe this is the reality that we are living in and I’m having a difficult time understanding the logic as to why anyone would support such a bigoted, racist, xenophobic person and elect them as commander-in-chief.

A co-worker of of mine, an immigrant as well, admitted to me of voting for Trump and their exact word were “I’m happy Trump won, my stocks just went up.”

Really? Do I look like I give two damns about your stocks? People are being harassed because this man has given racists a platform to express their bigoted views and you’re talking to me about your damn happiness over stocks? Don’t get me started on our soon to be First Lady Melania Trump.

I respect everyone’s political views, I mean we all don’t have to agree and I know that most of those who voted for him agree with his promised policies, but how can some just ignore everything else? What happened to love, justice for all, security, equality and the other platforms that truly matter? I guess life is great when some issues don’t affect you or the people you care about. Just as long as you are somehow benefiting from it. It’s sad. And it’s maddening.

The only consolation I’ve gotten from this is knowing the fact that at least half of the nation do not share those same views like some of his supporters. I have to keep in mind that the world is not all bad and most people are good. We have no choice now but to give him the benefit of doubt as he leads the nation starting January 20th, but let’s just hope and pray that God sees us through.

What are your thoughts?

Please, be good.

– Rina


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