Hey Readers,

Losing unwanted pounds, snap chatting moments at the gym, and seeing our favorite celebrities drop shocking amounts of weight, seems to have been a huge trend of 2016. I am a firm believer that “Health is Wealth” and to be aware of what we put into our system, especially with so much genetically modified foods in the United States, it’s ridiculous. Thankfully, big chain fast food restaurants like McDonalds, Subway and amongst others are more transparent with what’s in their meals.  I for one was shocked when I heard “McDonald’s is now serving real meat in their chicken nuggets,” thank goodness I stopped eating fast food years ago.

Anyways, so I woke up one morning to a slimmer figure, less chubby looking thighs and cheeks, but guys it did not happen over night!  I was a victim of trying so hard to gain weight which definitely went wrong. I’m sure you’re probably confused reading this article but people let me explain. Throughout my life from birth to high school, I was a size zero and being an athlete (track and soccer chick over here) definitely made me look super bony, I mean my collar bones popped out so much my dad would force me every morning to drink Ensure milk (that nasty vanilla flavor but the strawberry wasn’t bad), so I could look somewhat healthy.

When I began college, I swore to myself that I seriously need to put some meat on my bones and that’s how I went from a size zero to a size 3/4. I really liked this size, clothes looked better, hips finally matched my frame and I eventually grew into my weird shaped face (don’t laugh).  Living with my roommates, where we all had EBT Cards (learned what that was in college), we ate like queens. I mean we were Walmart rich, throwing anything in the cart because Uncle Sam got us. In 2014 senior year of college, my jeans became too tight, shirts showed little guts and cheeks got super grab-able, I knew my eating habits had to change, finding out I was almost at 150 pounds with my 5’5 height. I tried snacking less and exercising, which did not last long at all due to my heavy workload, class schedule and just finding it hard to get started.

It wasn’t until October 2014, that I joined a gym membership at X-Sport Fitness close to my home. Although it was only a 6 minute drive, it just seemed so far away. 5 months later of not using my gym membership, my personal trainer at the gym would call me, asking when I would come work-out but I made up excuses. I began showing up slowly, so he wouldn’t get mad at me, which in a way inspired me to learn how to work out effectively and eat cleaner. The beginning aspect was so difficult, joints and muscles would ache uncontrollably while at work but my co-workers would think I’m just whining *rolls eyes*.  As time progressed, I took exercising seriously. The most important lesson I would learn on this journey to weight loss was “Motivation” and “Consistency.” Often I worked out with my boyfriend, who pushed me to persevere and would smack any junk food I got tempted to eat out of my hand.

I got into the habit of working out at least 3 times a week, consisting of cardio every other workout day, and then lifting weight the other days. As far as eating clean, I joined the No Carb High Protein diet movement which was terribly hard. OMG! I traded in my potatoes, sugars, breads, pasta and rice for some avocados, fruits, vegetables and poultry for 4 months.  Being African, cutting out rice from my diet had to be the most painful experience of my life. My day consisted of: Eating a kale omelet with avocado for breakfast; Almonds, peanuts or fruits for snacks; Broccoli with turkey, chicken or fish for lunch; Zucchini pasta to satisfy my pasta cravings for dinner; Can’t forget drinking gallons of water daily and sometimes detox water. Eventually, I noticed results of losing about 2-3 pounds every 2 weeks.

Presently, I lost a total amount 8.5% body fat in a matter of six months, going from 148 pounds to 135.6 pounds. It might not be much compared to others, but I feel so much better.

I strongly encourage others who are looking to shed a few pounds to just “Get up and Do it,” it takes the right mindset and motivation to get started. We’ve seen some of our favorite celebrities like Sam Smith, Kelly Osborne and even Kim Kardashian lose weight. The motto “Eat early, weigh less”  will definitely get the job done. If I can do it, you can!



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