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Nigerian Independence Day Celebration 2016

This past weekend on October 1st, Nigeria celebrated its 56th Independence Day, and if you are an active young African in the Chicago community, then you were part of the celebration that took place Friday and Saturday night.
Here’s a quick recap:
Friday night of course was ” Afrofusion Night” at Rio with our favorite DJ, DeeMoney, and as always he doesn’t disappoint. Then Saturday night, the event continued on at The Promontory, where Nigerian artist duo Bracket enthusiastically performed some of their hit singles “Girl,” “Mama Africa,” “Me n You,” and their latest “Panya,” to name a few. The performance was enjoyable and the after party even better.

Overall, the weekend was lit. With good music, good people, and a good vibe, what wouldn’t it be?

If you’re looking for something to get into over the weekends, there are a few events to look forward to. Afrofusion is every Friday night and another upcoming event is the annual African Fashion Week which takes place from October 14-16th. Tickets and details are on the IG page @afwchicago.

Thanks for reading!


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