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ITWT Adventures: NYC- Trip To The Big Apple

Back in July one of my girlfriends made a suggestion, “We need to plan a trip for Labor Day.” As always everyone goes “Yeah sure, let’s do it” knowing in the back of their minds that it won’t really happen due to all our busy work schedules. There was a little doubt until finally a group chat was made, then suddenly the search for a destination begin and flights were being looked up. I began to believe it was truly happening. At first it was ATL, but we’ve all been there numerous times, until we decided to go to New York City( Sex and the City was my inspiration to want to visit) ! We were so excited because our last trip was to Panama City Beach back in 2014 (long time ago, right?)

I flew with American Airlines to New York from O’hare Chicago Airport, Friday afternoon at 1:35pm. While waiting for my flight to board, it was difficult ignoring an airport worker trying to recruit me to model in some Chicago show *rolls eyes*, thank God I saw my old career counselor Mr. Duboi from Harper College, who happened to be flying to Miami with his girlfriend, it seemed they were about to get their groove back. *wink wink*

I landed at Laguardia Airport which was a very confusing set up of an airport, due to construction . All the Uber drivers took forever and were horrible at communicating effectively. Eventually I found my friend, Toks, who flew with Delta Airlines and we rode together to our Airbnb home.

Our Airbnb spot was a cute modern two bedroom flat apartment located in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

We had minor issues with the place and our hostess was no where to be found. Her apartment could have been on fire and she would have had no idea, because she never checked in on us. We  figured it must be the Newyorker attitude!

Anyways, New York City was popping this past weekend due to the fact that it was the Nigerian Entertainment Awards event (NEA), where some popular African artists were either getting awards and/or performing. The first night, we headed to the NEA pre-party at a club in Manhattan, called Lexicon nightclub with DJ Tunez spinning all night. We also met some new friends during our trip like artists like CDQ, Ayo Jay, and even social media influencer Bizzle who would all later treat us with VIP treatments. It was this night that we Chicago ladies learned that in NY, if a party starts at 11pm, no one shows up till 2:30am at a club that ends at 4am.

The following day which was Saturday, we decided to have a “Romper and the city” day. First, we had brunch and oh man, do New Yorkers have the worst customer service. Our waiter definitely did not deserve a tip! (story for another day).

Afterwards, we strutted the streets of Times Square in style, shot some quick Boomerang  snippets which attracted attention, in front of Madison Square Garden, appreciating compliments and creating memories along the way. The Empire State Building was also a sight but too bad our hunger ended our tourism.

The day turned out to be so long that our plan to go to a lounge in the evening completely failed! I blame the Chinese Fusion take-out meal we had. Clearly, taking a quick nap after a meal to rejuvenate was a terrible idea because we eventually didn’t wake up till 1am – epic fail !

Sunday’s itinerary was to visit the famous Coney Island. But before über-ing our way there, we chose to wear our “Squad Goals” crop top, which we picked up at H&M the previous day in Manhattan. We had a photo shoot on the roof top and it was bomb!

Fierce right? Yeah we thought so too! 🙂

Oh yeah, we didn’t forget it was my Aunty Bey’s (Beyoncé) birthday! We paid homage to her via our snap chat and I’m pretty sure she saw it (you can’t tell me other wise) !

We then did a quick change and headed to Coney Island. It was very chill, the place was filled with several cultures, finger foods, beautiful scenery and amusing rides that we partook in. Our attempt to stop by the West Indian festival didn’t happen due to all the creeps that we were surrounded by, however, our chilled cup of Mango daiquiris and Mexican corn kept us satisfied.

Did a quick grab of Nigerian cuisine at Festac Grill and headed back to our NYC home to prepare for our evening.  We got cute, and were ready to go to Copacobana in Manhattan. It was another “LITuation,” and I enjoyed every minute of it.

On Labor Day, we spent the day bonding, watching videos in our jammies while munching on popcorn and juice. It was kinda cute. Our friend Yabz always kept the camera rolling for her Vlog.

In the evening, enjoying our very last night in the city that never sleeps, we attended the “Best Day Party Ever” day party at the Hudson Terrace with DJ Obi killing it. The view was amazing.

After a great four day weekend in NYC, sadly we had to take our butts back to Chicago, catching our 6am flights and heading back to work. Checking my bank account, pretty much most of my money went towards uber and food, but it was all worth it!

– Moe


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