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TORUK: A Cirque du Soleil Show

I remember a couple of years ago (2009) when the movie Avatar came out and pretty much became the movie of the year. Director James Cameron introduced another masterpiece to the world, just like he had with Titanic (1996). 

Being a movie that took years to make in a beautiful alien planet called Pandora and a captivating storyline to follow, Avatar definitely received the success that it deserved. 

So when In Tune with Two heard that Cirque Du Soleil was coming to Chicago with a prequel show to Avatar called “TORUK: The First Flight,” we jumped at the chance to attend. If you’re wondering how they were able to bring all the wonders we saw in Pandora onto the stage, wonder no more. They did it and it was magical. 

From the acrobatics tricks of the performers to the story line, the stage production of the play, the lights, music…everything flowed flawlessly. Although there wasn’t much dialogue during the show which was being spoken in Na’vi, Pandora’s fictional native tongue, they had a narrator who kept us in the loop and even without him, the plot was easy to follow if you paid enough attention. 

TORUK takes us on an adventurous journey of three friends on a quest to save their dying planet and the trials they go through along the way. 

It was a family friendly show and something for the entire family to enjoy. Most of the kids we saw in there were in awe as the show played out and I’m not going to lie, we were too. Sometimes it’s nice to get away from the problems in our world and experience something magical and beautiful to put your heart and mind at ease. 

definitely did the trick, and it also made me realize that I might need to get back into dancing and step up my talent. Who knows, maybe one day. 

Stay in tune! 

– Rina 


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