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2016 Fashion Trends That We Love This Summer

And just like that we are halfway through summer and fall 2016 is around the corner! Before summer ends, we would love to share with you all a few trends of this season that we absolutely adore and have a feeling will stay trending for awhile. Here they are:

1. Off The Shoulder Tops :- It’s true, “shoulders are the new cleavage.” This style is flirty, sassy with just a hint of innocence and we are loving it. Pair it up with some cute jeans and you’re good to go.

2. High Waisted/ Cut-off Jeans: – Denim will never go out of season and lately, colored and cut offs jeans have been making a comeback. 

3. Dashikis/African Prints : – They’re everywhere! Seriously, everyone is rocking one and recently there has even been Dashiki Parties all over the nation. 

4. Booties :- Low maintenance, stylish, cute and comfortable. Enough said. 

5. Chokers :- This is one trend we really love. From all black to gold, they seem to be the perfect accessory to any outfit to give them that “pop” that’s just enough. You can pretty much find them anywhere and in any style. 

6. Rompers & Jumpsuits : – They are perfect for day parties, picnics and even a date night. Pair them up some cute heels and you’ll have everybody looking. 

For more details on fashion, style and where to purchase some of these trends, visit our dear friend’s blog called Fashion By Ngozi


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