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Carina’s Birthday Extravaganza 

Hey guys! So I just celebrated a birthday recently and as always, I had my girls by my side to bring it in the right way here in our city of Chicago. 

I was born on June 15th (don’t worry about my age), but my celebration started a couple of days earlier over the weekend. I had the whole weekend planned out for us starting Friday night, where our first stop was something we’ve never done before- A silent party! 

I bet you’re thinking, “what the heck is that?” Which is the same exact thought I had when I first heard about it. It’s pretty much a party where instead of the music being played through speakers for all to hear, you actually get your own pair of headphones in which you can adjust the volume and the interesting thing is that we could alternate between three different DJs, depending on what type of music you like to groove too. The music were color coordinated by lights on the headphones and the options were blue for hip hop & reggae, green for top 40 & pop, and red for 80s, 90s and 2000. 

It was weird at first because when we walked in, all we saw were people silently moving about and slight murmurs going around but once we got the hang of it, it was actually pretty fun. I would definitely attend another one if it comes around. 

Saturday was a busy day for us and not to mention hot. It was over 90 degrees in Chicago, but we were cool with that as long as there was no rain in the forecast. I rented a room in a hotel downtown (The Hilton on Michigan) and after checking in, we headed out to Chicago Boat Rentals where I had reserved a Pontoon for us to cruise down on the Chicago River. 

After a quick tour and rundown on how to navigate the Pontoon, we set out for our sightseeing and sun soaking adventure and we had a blast. We played music, indulged in drinks and snacked on chips and dips. We danced, we laughed and created memories to last. 

When our two hours were up, we made our way back to the hotel and with no time to waste, we got ready for the night life. I have to say, I have some pretty amazing and beautiful friends. The amount of compliments we received were flattering and of course we soaked it all up! 

Our first stop of the night was dinner at a restaurant called Jellyfish, which was pretty similar to Nobu (the restaurant we went to on our trip to L.A and met Pharrell). They had a customized menu for me which was pretty cool. We all tried different items and shared dishes (they come in sharing portions) and overall, we enjoyed ourselves. The atmosphere was very modern and hip and the food wasn’t that bad either. 

After dinner, it was party time! We headed down to division street (using Uber as always) and partied it up at “Room 7” as V.I.Ps along with bottle service. The staff was simply amazing and knew how to take care of their customers. They were courteous, efficient attending to my party, thereby having an amazing time celebrating my birthday at the location. And the bonus was … getting a free bottle of champagne from the general manager for being such great patrons. I would definitely recommend “Room 7” if you’re looking for a place to party. 

We finished off the weekend with Sunday Brunch at “Yolk” on Michigan before parting ways to head back home. I really enjoyed that extravagant weekend with my lovely girlfriends, so I put together this video below to highlight some of the most memorable moments. 

– Rina


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