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Comedian Basketmouth Stops By Chicago On His “Lord Of The Ribs” Comedy Tour

The best place to find the funny this past weekend was at the Copernicus Theatre, where all the extreme laughters went down. Thanks to D.I.S. Entertainment, Chicago’s African community gathered once again, well dressed and prepared to witness famous comedian Basketmouth, with his “Lord of The Ribs” comedy special.

InTuneWithTwo had the pleasure of attending the hilarious one-man comedy show, with guest appearances, performances and all around non-stop entertainment. With a red-carpet special hosted by Gist Magazine, it was an exciting segment as the Gistmi crew asked engaging questions, took pictures, assessed people’s outfit, all in preparation for the big show.

It was definitely a huge reunion, with hugs, screams (you know how Africans can be loud LOL) and smiles flying from all directions of the vicinity. As soon as the doors swung open, the long filled lines of people waltz into the building, some grabbing adult beverages at the cash bar, some conversing with those they haven’t seen in years and others searching for their seats . This event was the proper place for the elderly (even when it was awkward speaking about sex), young adults, couples, spouses and even a great date for a side chick or two to sit back, laugh and enjoy the content of the show.

I have to mention the venue, it had great available parking areas, and the interior was dashing with a vintage type ambience, gleaming with just the right amount of colorful lights filling the entirety of the room.

Thank goodness, the event didn’t start on African time. It began with the DJ, creating the atmosphere for the audience to let loose and have fun, then came the host for the night, comedian Aphrican Ape. Aphrican Ape kept it short and simple, joking and reminiscing on our childhood, keeping the show moving. Acts like Ty, Solomon, MC PJ and the African Kingz performed, either through comedy or dance routines, hyping the crowd in preparation for Basketmouth to hit the stage.

As soon as Aphrican Ape introduced the super star comedian we had all anticipated, the people cheered and clapped in excitement. Basketmouth brought the energy, the Grade A jokes and endless laughter, that those who weren’t at the show were missing out. He covered varieties of topics in a humorous way, such as the state of the U.S election, dating, keeping his wife happy, the economy, the current state of music, among others.

I really enjoyed how well informed and genuine he was, it just did not seem scripted at all. His performance seemed so organic and natural and his stories were relatable. We laughed so hard, maybe cracked a rib or two, leaving the venue with memorable jokes. Our two ticket winners were very grateful to InTuneWithTwo, exclaiming how happy they were to have attended the event. Since Chicagoans love to party, the fun didn’t stop there. An official after party was hosted by D.I.S. Entertainment at the popular Afrofusion venue, RIO.

Basketmouth’s “Lord of the Ribs” tour might be coming to a city near you, we recommend you attend a show.



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