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#ITWT Adventures: Road Trip To Canada

I’m a girl who loves to be on the move, and instantly get annoyed when I’m in the same spot or place for too long. I think God must have known I was bored, which is why I got excited when my boyfriend, David, told me we were invited to a wedding, in Canada!!
Canada has always been on my list of places to visit, especially when Drake, The Weeknd, and Justin Bieber has increasingly made that place more popular. On April 15th, David and I packed our bags and began our road trip to Canada from Chicago IL. In our rented 2016 Chevrolet Impala car, we embarked on our journey to Canada through the Detroit, Michigan route.

The trip was almost 9 hours long with traffic, with nothing but bushes, trees and road kill to stare at the whole time. Thank goodness for loud music, snacks, random conversations and snap chat to keep us entertained. My boyfriend and I really took bonding to another level. We occasionally stopped for rest rooms and to grab food but believe me, the scenery to Canada was trés horrible, until we were about to cross the border.

We had to be inspected by the U.S. customs and Border Protection with our passports handy, which was a serious process, especially when you’re a first timer. Border patrol ask you questions like, “What’s the purpose of your visit?” “Who do you know here?” Or “How long are you staying?” almost like you’re either not welcome or you’re Pablo Escobar. They asked us to park our vehicle as they searched every inch of it and our personal belongings. As soon as we were cleared, we continued our trip, passing under the Ambassador Bridge, that connects U.S. Detroit, MI and Windsor, ON Canada.

It was a beautiful sight, but we still had about 3 more hours to drive. We drove past Toronto and other states until we reached our destination, Markham ON.

We checked into our hotel, Hilton Suites, and our 1 King size suite, decor and view was amazing. Call me narcissistic or Kanye West, but I love a hotel with numerous mirrors on every wall.

The next day was the Nigerian wedding, and my date and I looked great. The married couple looked happy, the entertainment was blissful and the whole wedding was a success. Believe me when I say Africans know how to party. If you have a chance to visit an African wedding, it’s a great experience.

The following day, we visited Vaughan Mills Mall and Niagara Falls, which was an hour and 30 mins drive from Markham, ON. We passed through the Queen Victoria Park and through the Niagara Falls attractions. As soon as we got to our destination, the view was breathtaking.

For facts about Niagara Falls,  visit here : Facts About Niagara Falls

Have you been to Canada? Share your experience and comment below.
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