In Tune With The Tunes: Bryson Tiller -Trap Soul

Music is life. Honestly, I don’t know anyone that can go a day without playing some tunes. I sure can’t. Music makes you feel a range of emotions, whether you’re up or down, I bet there’s a song out there that matches what you are feeling. 
The genre of music that I enjoy is versatile. One minute I’m in the mood for some slow 90’s R&B such as TLC or 112 and the next I wanna get down to some straight out of Africa jams and blast up my Afrobeat playlist on Spotify. An hour later, I’d probably open up my Gospel playlist and have a worship session in my room. It’s all about feelings and the range is endless. That is what makes it beautiful.
Currently, I have the new and up coming Rap Artist Bryson Tiller on repeat. His album, Trapsoul, has quickly become one of my favorites and hopefully, Moe and I will be attending his concert the following month.  

So if you are looking for new music to listen to, be sure to check him if you haven’t already and let me know your thoughts. 
What type of music are you into? Share and comment below. 




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