#ITWT Adventures: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Less than a year ago, May 2015 to be exact, we took a planned trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico with a couple of our friends and it was amazing! I mean majority of our bucket lists definitely got checked off. With pina coladas to die for, handsome bartenders on deck, authentic Puerto-rican foods, it was a trip to remember.

We partook in activities like hiking, riding ATV bikes in the rainforest, zip-lining in the World’s 3rd largest zip line canopy in Toro Verde (8 canopies & The Beast), jet skiid on the Atlantic Ocean, visited monumental places, took pictures with exotic parrots, partied with several bachelors and bachelorettes, exploring their last night as singles and so much more. 

We had the coolest tour guide, best “turnt up” uber driver and met lots of people from all walks of life.

Don’t believe us? View some pictures of our experiences from our Instagram, Snap Chat and/or personal photo library below.










Enjoyed our story? Tell us a great vacation you went on by commenting below! And be sure to follow us on Twitter and IG!

-Moe & Rina 



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