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#OLIC: Nigerian Artist Olamide Graces The Chicago Stage 

For a great way to kick off the month of April, the African community gathered together at the N’zuri Entertainment Centre to witness the Baddo master himself, Olamide aka Pépé Sneh, perform live in concert.

If you have no idea who OLAMIDE is, here are some quick facts:

  • Olamide aka Baddo, is a Nigerian Hip-Hop recording artist, whose music mostly contain his native tongue, Yoruba, mixed together with broken English street slangs.
  • YBNL (Yahoo Boys No Laptop), is his label imprint. #YBNLnation
  • He’s the first Nigerian to sign an endorsement deal with Cîroc.
  • He has hits on top of hits, along with multiple awards.
  • Olamide is DOPE!

Still not convinced? Here are YouTube videos of his single “Shakiti Bobo” and “Don’t Stop” to check out below :

Olamide- Shakiti Bobo

Olamide- Don’t Stop

Moreover, the tickets ranged from $40-$1500, which the sold out concert was presented by Afrobeats Productions and Royal Rhymes Entertainment, who’ve been gearing all Olamide fans excited for the event all year. Olamide’s fan base is very diverse; consisting of the old and young, the street and posh, which makes his concert the perfect environment to dance “Shoki” and “Shakiti Bobo” with no shame.

The venue was quite spacious, having the ability to accommodate a huge crowd. What I noticed when I first strutted in with girlfriends, were the colorful flashy lights, setting the ambiance of the surroundings. The main floor consisted of a wide open center, bars on the side and the upper level balconies that suited those who purchased VIP tickets.

For those in the VIP, there was the luxury of popping bottles while being entertained by exotic pole dancers.

Before Baddosneh would hit the stage, DJ Diesel, Phlame, and Bbest were on the 1s and 2s simultaneously hyping the anxious crowd. As soon as midnight hit, Olamide’s official hype man, Do2dtun (Dotun), got on stage to prepare the crowd.

At 12:10am, the “Baddest Guy Ever Liveth” rapper swarmed the stage, opening up with his hit song “Awon Goons Mi,” as fans screamed uncontrollably. Now the concert had officially begun, with Olamide performing smash hits from his “Eyan Mayweather,” “Street OT,” and “BGEL” albums. He even performed his verses of songs that he was featured on, such as DaVido’s “The Money” and Harry Blues’ “Reggae Blues.”

The dancing didn’t stop there, as we were excited to see Dj Enimoney join his brother to perform his new single “Oya Dab.” There is no doubt that everyone definitely turned up the Lagos way.

Here is a clip below:

If he’s coming to your city, I recommend you check him out!

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