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Excuse me, Miss? 


Ladies, have you ever been out with your girlfriends and a guy suddenly approaches you and even though you throw all the hints that you’re not interested, they still don’t catch the hint? 

Trust me, we’ve been there and we know how you feel. We have used all the lines in the book too. 
Exhibit one: 

“Sorry, I have a boyfriend.” 

Or ,

“No, I’m not looking for a relationship right now.”

But then there are those brave souls that just won’t give up and hit you up with,

“I just want to be your friend,”


“I can’t even have your number?” 


Remember what mama said, guys are only after one thing and that’s not to be your friend. 
Let’s face it, rejection sucks but it’s a part of life. 

Of course it’s flattering when a guy finds you attractive and wants to hold a conversation, but again often it’s just one of those nights where you just want to party with your girlfriends and enjoy each other’s company without being hit on (especially when you do have a man waiting for you at home).

Here are a few things to avoid when you’re in that situation where the guy’s fall back game is just too weak (so you won’t hurt their pride too much or have them suddenly make a 360 and insult you. Keep in mind that there have been incident in which death has resulted from this situations so always be careful and protect yourself ) 

1. Beat around the bush…

Don’t. Always be clear, ladies. Let him know straightaway if you are interested or not. Avoid that “maybe” line. If you’re not sure and want to explore more, be clear about that, but do it graciously. 

2. Throw in a little attitude 

We all do it sometimes but that’s not always the best way to handle a situation. You can say no but don’t be rude about it. Simply saying “I’m sorry, I’m not interested” suffices. Don’t add in anything extra. Don’t make weird faces either (you know what we’re talking about ladies) and try not to say say “you’re not my type.” We all have preferences but you don’t want people thinking you feel as if you’re better than they are. Also, if you’re trying to end the conversation, saying that line will only lead to them asking “So what is your type?” And then back to square one.

3. Coward behind your friends…

Don’t do it. You’re an adult and an individual. Although it’s always nice to have support from friends, they will not always be there to hold your hand. You should be able to handle matters on your own and get your point across. Take charge. 

4. Act shy 

Girl. If only you knew what power you hold. Don’t be coy or timid. Be confident. Be sure. Be you. 

5. Feel guilty.

Don’t you dare! Like I said, rejection is part of life. Some will reject you and vice versa. You should never berate yourself for saying No. 

Well, voila. 

These are just a few tips to get you by, but no way and nowhere in this are we telling you not to take chances. We’re all about taking chances and taking risks. Besides, you never know where love might find you! 

Fellas, we will talk to you next time. 

Stay tuned! 

-Moe & Rina 


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