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A Girl Has To Keep Making Moves…

Hey Readers,

This past few weeks have been great to me. I recently got the position to be a Brand  Ambassador for a national coffee brand, STARBUCKS!

I was previously a Brand Ambassador for a UK fashion brand, ASOS, during my last year of college and I’m proud to say I helped increased the brand awareness and contributed to the sales online. It was the best job a college student could have. 

Due to my previous experience with ASOS, I’m no stranger to this new position marketing Starbucks. I’ve been a long term costumer of the company and I love a nice Caramel Macchiato Frappacinno with extra caramel drizzles on top of my whip cream or a cold on-the-go iced vanilla coffee that you can pick up at any grocery store. 


It’s definitely going to be a nice experience, with great monetary and product perks. 

This position came about because Starbucks launched its new product line of Iced Coffee in more flavors. To read more click here : Starbucks New Line Of Iced Coffee 

My responsibilities as a Brand Ambassador includes:

-Identify, create, schedule and facilitate awesome opportunities for sharing the product with peers.

-Boosting brand awareness and brand loyalty.

-Promote scheduled events via social media and other elements.

-Support brand and drive purchase.

I’m excited for new opportunities and hopefully more doors continue to open in my favor and having something great to add to my résumé! Big thanks to those who have supported me through out my career, the references, the connects and more. 

So stay tuned for FREE products that might come your way! 

With love,



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