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You Got My Soul…

Pen Griffey, Young Tiller, god tiller, who is he?

If you haven’t heard the name Bryson Tiller yet, it won’t be long until you do. For those of us that have, we have been bumping his hit songs “Don’t” and “Exchange” everyday for the past couple of months. Actually his whole album, TrapSoul, is on fire! 

Tiller sings about his relationships, his family and his unbelievable rise to stardom with enticing vocals that reach down to the soul. So it’s no wonder that the album has quickly climbed up the charts and with a tour going on, of course In Tune With Two had to be in attendance! And what a fun concert it was! It was LIT! LITTY!! TURNT!
We drove to downtown Milwaukee (An hour and a half) to get to the concert Venue at the Rave/ Eagles Club. The concert was SOLD OUT! 

It was a full house and the crowd was LIVE! 
We danced, we sang along, we screamed, we just had an amazing time! 

You know what, we’ll just let these video clips (5-10 seconds each) and pictures below show the amazing experience and time that we had! Enjoy! 







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