Lion King On Broadway Review

Hakuna Matata !  If you know these words, then you probably have watched the famous Disney animated movie The Lion King, like thousands of times. Let’s face it, no matter how old you are, it is probably one of your all time favorite Disney movie. And who could blame you? It’s entertaining, full of music, drama, laughter, tears (for some of us that are emotionally unstable), and of course several valuable lessons that I’m sure could apply to your life.

Anyhoo, when we heard that the Lion King on Broadway was going to be in town (Chicago) over the winter, it was an event not to be missed. Immediately we took action by purchasing our tickets approximately two months in advance, which was about $125 each. Yes, it was that serious and we counted down the days until that moment.

Finally, the time came and we were so ecstatic. Being downtown in Chicago with the fast paced crowd, endless traffic, beautiful lights, and ambiance of the city made the experience ten times better.
We checked in at the Cadillac Palace Theater around 7pm (curtain call was 7:30), took our seats and finally, the lights were dimmed. The opening scene of-course started with a rendition of the famous song “Circle of Life,” along with beautiful visuals of Pride Rock and costumed animals all gathering for the welcoming of baby Simba. It was a beautiful scene.

Now we’re not going to go scene by scene, but just enough to give you a gist of the experience. The costumes, make up, stage productions, thespians, instrumentals, all of these definitely contributed to its entirety.  Some of the characters were very much on point as well. We had a great time in the theater, with popcorn and a glass of red wine handy.

Here are our individual feedback below:

Rina– My favorite was Scar. The actor who played his character did a wonderful job of embodying his whole villainy aura, down to the voice and mannerisms which made it perfect to hate him. My absolute favorite scene is when Simba (grown up version) finally remembers who he is, with the help of the baboon Rafiki and the appearance of Mufasa’s ghost uttering those haunting but vital words”Remember…who you are.” Words I believe that we should all live by.

Moe- My favorite characters from the cast were Rafiki and Timon. The actors really brought those characters to life with the creative costumes and voices which kept me laughing through out. It’s sad to say my least favorite character was Mufasa, only for the reason that the actor did not have that POWERFUL MAJESTIC Mufasa voice. For some reason, my eyes get watery when Mufasa falls into the trampede, or maybe allergies seem to roll in during that specific scene every time.

Overall, the experience was well…magical. We felt like little kids again, excited and singing along with the music, even reciting the lines along with the characters. We would definitely recommend going to see The Lion King whenever they are in your town, to anyone who loves the movie as much as we do.




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