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Wine Anyone? 

Wine anyone? Yes please! *pours a glass of wine and takes a long sip* 😊 Just perfect for all lovers of  Shonda Rhimes’ #TGIT .

It is National Drink Wine Day for all wine lovers out there like ourselves. Whether you like red, white, sweet, dry , this day is specifically for you. National Drink Wine Day is celebrated every February 18th among friends, lovers and families across the nation. 

National Drink Wine Day

FACT : Research shows that wine (especially Red wine) reduces the risk of heart disease.

Bet you didn’t know that! Well, as long as it’s consumed in moderation… If you’re not sure, always ask your Doctor!

So if you wanna live forever young like us, pour yourselves a glass and take a moment to simply enjoy the moment. 

Cheers!  🍷

-Moe & Rina 


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