“SNL” Skit Aims At White People Not Understanding Beyoncé’s “Formation”  

If you were watching TV this past weekend, then maybe Saturday Night Live is your typical every Saturday night show. Or maybe you’ve caught wind of the latest viral video circulating around the web. SNL’s best sketch yet took aim to White America’s reaction to beyonce’s latest video as if just now realizing that the artist is Black. 

For those who still do not understand Beyoncé’s new video “Formation,” she simply embraces her black roots and expresses her stance on the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Unfortunately, not everyone was “happy” with that. 

During the Super Bowl half time performance, the superstar rocked what appeared to be a Black Panthers’ outfit which many viewed as a negative approach . The song has been receiving lots of backlash, especially to those who have a misconception of the Black Panther Party’s creation and nature, which is why SNL did this skit.

Not only did the audience (mainly White Americans) not understand the content of the song, the skit claims that white people had no idea Beyoncé was black and therefore able to express her opinion on black issues. 

View the sketch “The Day Beyoncé Turned Black” below:

The Day Beyoncé Turned Black

View Beyoncé’s Formation Video if you haven’t yet: 

Beyoncé Formation Video

Do you think Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance was offensive? Feel free to comment below. 


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