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Does Valentine’s Day Make You Happy or Miserable!? 

Who actually truly knows the origin of Valentine’s Day? All I know is every February on the 14th, millions of Hallmark cards, Fannie May chocolates, flowers and/or jewelries are exchanged among lovers, friends and families, all in the name of St. Valentine. But, who exactly is this man? I know he has something to do with the Catholic Church in Rome and probably a lot more than most people know [Visit History.Com ] to learn more
Anyways, I appreciate the idea of showing affection to those important to you on this day, but am not a fan of those who believe that they can’t function or realize that they are just so “lonely” *insert violin tunes here*.

Understandingly, It’s hard to see what else life has to offer when you’re bombarded with romantic comedies on TV, flowers, romance novels and cutesy heart-shaped pendants in the stores, and never-ending drippy advertisements and event announcements.

Overall lesson is to always be happy with yourself regardless of your relationship status. This isn’t the day to go on Tinder to swipe left or right to find a mate now, and do not dare hit up that ex because you suddenly miss them, it might just end badly. There are people currently who are in relationships and are miserable.  No one has to live that way. The truth is, being in a relationship does not always mean happiness, especially if you are not happy with yourself.

If this day is just sooooo dreadful, pick up a hobby, call a friend and hang out, go to work and make money, spoil yourself by shopping, make a difference in someone else’s life; there are so many positive things that could occupy your mind.

Bottom line, this is just another day out of the year. Go watch #HowToBeSingle” now playing near you.

If you have someone to love then love wholeheartedly, and if not don’t cry or feel miserable about it. We all have someone out there waiting for us ( so they say). Maybe going to the movies alone, you might just find that handsome or beautiful person you least expected. You never know how the universe may work in your favor.
Live Freely and Courageously,



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